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Know everything about any website

History tool
Check the history of a website changes (12 parameters)
Audit & Report tool
Reveal all of the fishy issues regarding to any website
Reverse history tool
Find connections using WHOIS, IP addresses, Google Analytics and Adsense tags.

Who uses our tools?

Websites buyers

Sellers sometimes hide inconvenient facts about the website they sell. Our tools help investors to avoid unsatisfactory purchases." We detect over-inflated earnings, overrated traffic, security issues, unnatural activity on social networking sites and many other things that sellers do not want to reveal.


Every marketer wants to know as much as possible about competitors’ activity, because it allows them to prepare the right strategy for the market, and our tools provide the opportunity to analyze many aspects associated with competitors’ activity not only in real time, but also in the past. They help to avoid problems, indicate threats and facilitate taking decisions that increase market share.


Investigators often do not have an anchorage point when cybercrime is involved. Our tool analyzes fingerprints left by webmasters in website codes, what allows to indicate the website owner even if they are hiding behind the option of private registration. We show links between websites, IP addresses, servers, ads, statistics, etc.

And more

Anyone who wants to know more about a particular website and its owner’s online activity. Our reports are presented in a legible way, allowing you to analyze changes over time.

API access

Build our data into your applications with our API

Every month we visit millions of websites and check 12 parameters in 3 different categories. Each parameter value is recorded and stored in our database. It is available for browsing at any time.

Better insight starts here
We build history of website changes by gathering various information from dozens of independent resources. Our goal is to collect only relevant information and present it in a simple and transparent way. Every month we visit 59 714 735 websites and check 12 parameters in 3 different categories. more...
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