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Terms and Conditions

    § 1 Definitions
  1. Terms and Conditions – these terms and conditions that lay down rules according to which the Users can use the Web Portal www.timer4web.com (hereinafter: Web Portal) as well as applications, functionalities and content available as part of the Web Portal.
  2. Owner of the Web Portal registered at the domain www.timer4web.com is FREE SKY Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Rzeszów, Poland. Contact: freesky@interia.eu.
  3. User – a natural person with full legal capacity, a legal person or organisational unit without legal capacity that can acquire rights or undertake obligations on its own behalf.
  4. Service – service provided by the Web Portal through an IT system, which consists in the possibility to browse and download current and archival Statistics concerning web domains.
  5. Statistics - all information and parameters concerning a given web domain available on the Web Portal, which were collected based on processed and saved data presented to Web Portal Users in specific categories, whose availability depends on the purchased Plan.
  6. Inspection – gaining by the User access to all Statistics and parameters collected on the Web Portal:
    1) one selected domain on the basis of http:// address; or
    2) one selected IP address; or
    3) one selected Google AdWords code; or
    4) one selected Google AdSense code.
  7. Plan – subscription charge for Service provision available to registered Web Portal Users that enables browsing Statistics as part of specified Inspection limit.
    § 2 Using the Web Portal
  1. The Web Portal administration shall make every effort to guarantee the highest quality of services available as part of the Web Portal and continuous provision of said services.
  2. Users can use the Web Portal without prior registration or after creating an Account in the Web Portal.
  3. Unregistered Web Portal Users can access the Statistics and conduct Inspection of a given web domain with a limited possibility to browse archival Statistics up to 3 months before the Inspection date.
  4. After registering on the Web Portal, the User can use additional functionalities offered as part of the Web Portal (possibility to view historical Statistics of domains browsed by the User, possibility to change User’s account settings, i.e. password and e-mail address) and purchase a relevant Plan.
  5. The User can register on the Web Portal by filling out the registration form available at the address: www.timer4web.com/create . The User shall provide therein the following data: login, password and e-mail address.
  6. In order to register on the Web Portal, the User must read and understand the Terms and Conditions and accept the provisions thereof.
  7. After providing valid data, the User shall receive access to their Web Portal account. Each time the User logs in, they must provide the login and password to their account.
  8. The User can, at any time, delete the User account on the Web Portal, view account history and change account settings.
    § 3 Plans and payments
  1. Registered Web Portal Users can purchase the following Plans: SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM.
  2. Each Plan enables access to Inspection and Statistics with unlimited access to archival data set out in § 2.3 of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Detailed information on each Plan is available at //www.timer4web.com/paid-plans.
  4. Payments for purchased Plans are serviced by tocheckout.com platform.
  5. As part of the available access API, after filling out necessary data enabling payment for the selected Plan, registered Web Portal Users shall be automatically redirected to the tocheckout.com payments website.
  6. Payments for selected Plans shall be made by credit card or with the use of PayPal service available under tocheckout.com application.
  7. The administrator of personal data of the Users making payments on the tocheckout.com Web Portal shall be the owner of tocheckout.com - 2Checkout, Inc., 855 Grandview Avenue Suite 110, Columbus, OH 43215, USA.
  8. The Web Portal shall not be responsible for the operation of the access API related to servicing tocheckout.com online payments.
  9. The Service Agreement under the Plan selected by the User shall be concluded after the payment is credited to the account of the tocheckout.com online payments operator.
    § 4 Complaints
  1. All remarks and reservations concerning the operation of User accounts and the Web Portal shall be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address: freesky@interia.eu
  2. The submitted complaints shall be considered within 30 days.
  3. A decision concerning the complaint submitted by the User shall be sent to the e-mail address provided in the complaint.
  4. If the complaint is considered justified, the Web Portal Administrator shall notify the tocheckout.com payment operator about the need to return the credited payment to the account number (credit card or PayPal account) from which the payment was effected.
    § 5 Final Provisions
  1. The Web Portal administration reserves the right to cease providing any services at any time.
  2. The Web Portal administration reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The operation of the Web Portal consists solely in aggregation and presentation of the data included in the Statistics. The Web Portal does not verify data presented as part of the Statistics as it is collected automatically. As a result, the Web Portal does not guarantee coherence and authenticity of said data and shall take no responsibility in this respect.
  4. The Web Portal shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of data provided under the Statistics and Inspection by Web Portal Users.
  5. The Web Portal shall not be liable for any losses caused by the use of functions available on the Web Portal by its Users.
  6. The Web Portal administration shall not be liable for temporary unavailability of the Web Portal caused by the following factors:
    a. Failure on the part of connection providers and servers (internet connection providers, electricity network failure, mechanical failure of server).
    b. Failure caused by third parties.
    c. Failure connected directly to force majeure (natural disasters, etc.).
    d. Failure on the part of online payments operator.
  7. The Web Portal administrator reserves the right to conduct technical maintenance which may cause temporary unavailability of a part or entire Web Portal to registered or unregistered Users.
  8. The Web Portal may be used provided that the User IT system meets the following technical requirements:
    a. Use of original and unmodified web browsers;
    b. Enabled JavaScript. When JavaScript is disabled, access to the Web Portal may be partially or completely blocked;
    c. Enabled cookies.
  9. Access to the Web Portal www.timer4web.com or its content in an automatic manner, i.e. with the use of modified web browsers, bots, scrapers, etc. is prohibited. If such actions are detected, access to the Web Portal may be blocked on temporary or constant basis.
    § 6 Privacy Policy
  1. The Users agree to the processing of their data (login, password, e-mail) by the Web Portal for purposes related to the provision of Services and for marketing purposes.
  2. By registering on the Web Portal, the User agrees to the use of data set out in § 1 and receiving, in particular, the following information:
    - notifications,
    - Statistics reports,
    - information on new features and promotions on the Web Portal,
    - other important information related to the operation of the Web Portal.
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